Insteresting that this comes at the same time as the racists all over Europe and the world comment and enforce their statement that "africa" won the world cup. (Africa, that one big country...). That racist croatian former players say that it isnt "fair" to play against "one billion people", that the French team players have to justify that they are French (born and raised there, wearing the national jersey for years, chanting the national anthem, shouting vive la république & vive la france....). Same, white europeans like these racist politicians, football trainers/players & citizens just send them back to their skin color, which isnt a french skin color. Can people get over it ? A nation and a nationality isnt given by a skin color. It is what you grow up with and the values you embrace. Özil is German. French team is french. All have ancestry from everywhere. Like all the white europeans, with ancestries all over europe.