MTN4me: How to Get MTN 1GB for N200 Data Plan (March 2019)

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  1. Well, I was apprehensive about using my N200 for this.But thanks guys, it works.
  2. Well this seems nice, meanwhile GLO offers 1288 GB (1.2GB) for 200 naira. Just dial *777# then select 1 to buy data then select option 1 again then select option 5 for special data then option 2 then 1, it's a goal! You'll receive 1288GB of data instantly. Admin you can add it to your post so that data freaks like us will enjoy.
    1. It selects SIM... Be looking out for the forthcoming one, maybe that might work for you
    1. Yes, if your SIM is a 4G SIM it will work.
    1. You should upgrade your SIM from 3g to 4g... Or simply call customer care to help you upgrade. thanks
    1. Congratulations, keep staying with Mntrends Tech.
  3. Comment:How sure are you that this will definitely work on a mtn 4g sim
    1. Try your luck. It might work for you but not everyone
  4. Mine is working saying am not eligible. Must I be on a particular plan b4 I can be eligible
    1. If it doesn't work for you, then the SIM is not eligible. Sorry
  5. Comment:I have a 4g SIM but it didn't work
    1. Sorry, ur SIM is not eligible then.
  6. I have been using the service for like two months now. So I tried it today and they said I wasn't eligible. What do I do
    1. Keep trying. Maybe network issues
  7. I bought a new sim and it didn't work. They said I am not eligible
  8. Its not working in my main sim, I bought a new sim n its still not working. Mtn. Nawa.
  9. What if I subscribe for one week for 200 and it finished before one week can I still sub?
  10. Have be using this data bonus for like a month now.....but I try to renew now was saying am not eligible why?
  11. Yea, I tried it once on my mtn line which worked though, but days later i tried to resubscribe again, only to be told I wasn't eligible. Too bad! Don't know why. I need help on this guys.
  12. its say I am not eligible, buy my sim card is 4G What should I do?

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