Would you be grateful if I reveal to you a couple of Websites that you can actually use to answer and earn Money?

Am sure you will be and for your continuous supports and being a part of our website, we have made a list of 20 Q&A sites that you can earn from.

answer and earn money


Have you been to certain websites where people attend to your Questions either through a Support Ticket, Live Chat, ICQ, Q&A threads, Instant Messages or a one-on-one call session?

If yes, then you sure have an Idea of how this whole thing works, at least a basic idea which is the basis of our minimum Requirements for this Tutorials today.

The thing is that these guys get paid for answering your Questions and I want to show you how you too can get paid by answering other peoples Question.

It is a sure fact that there is something you are good at or know that someone out there does not know and at the same time not so good at too, so exchanging or selling your knowledge out to some newbie for some bucks shouldn’t be far-fetched from your reach.

These websites can range from general niche Q&A down to Academic, Programming, Dancing, Server Support, etc. So whichever one that you are good at either as a Skill you acquired long ago or just a God given talent you have pruned over the years, you will decipher among our list and put them to use.


Categorized List of sites you can Answer and Earn

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  1. General Q&A sites

  2. Academic Q&A sites

  3. Technical Q&A sites

  4. Topical Q&A Sites

  5. Products Q&A Sites

I have categorized these Question and Answer websites to break things down and at the same time make things easier for me.


  1. General Q&A Websites

General Question and Answer sites are not Topical or Niche-based but rather deals with every subject matter from Lifestyle, Health, Education, Human Resource, down to Life in general. Examples of General Q and A sites are;

  1. Quora
  2. Wiki Answers
  3. eHow
  4. Answer Bag
  5. Yahoo Answers
  6. Blurt It
  7. Anybody Out There
  8. Fun Advice
  9. Askville
  10. Ask me Help Desk
  11. Answer Bank
  12. Ask Deb
  13. Able2Know
  14. Mahalo Answers
  15. Answerly
  16. Aardvark
  17. Answeree


How do you Earn from General Q&A sites?

Most of the general Q&A sites are big and do not pay people for answering, people do what they do out of Passion and maybe recognition.

An example of such site is Quora, a huge multi-niched Question and Answer based website that is loved by Google and so many other search Engines because of it’s rich database of Life’s most challenging Questions accompanied with their Answers.

To earn on General Q&A sites like Quora, follow these 3 Simple steps;

  1. Look for good affiliate products that you intend to promote, like Digital Products from Clickbank or Physical Products from Amazon, this could even be your Product or Service.
  2. Go to Quora and Search for Questions related to your Affiliate Product or Service
  3. Answer the Question in detail spicing it with your Product link in a very nice and creative way, do not just copy and paste and leave. TIP: Lengthy Answers are always rated high and placed high above other short answers, so makes yours very long, detailed and Informative.


2. Educational & Academic Q&A Websites

These site caters for High Schools, Universities and Higher Institutions, Students pay to get their Academic Questions and Assignments answered while the Experts are paid from the proceeds earned from the Student’s Subscriptions.

Examples of Educational Q&A sites;

  1. Course hero
  2. Study Mode
  3. Chegg
  4. Crazy for Study
  5. One Class
  6. Edu Drive Services
  7. Vedantu
  8. Study Pool
  9. Kaplan Kids
  10. Solutioninn
  11. Tutor
  12. Homework market


How do you answer and Earn money from Educational Q&A sites?

I guess I already spilled the milk from the can above, it’s as simple as ABC, signup and help Students get good grades by answering their academic Questions and Earn for doing so.

It will be better for you to check reviews, signup and test each and every one of them to decide which works the most for your areas of Specialization.


3. Technical / Specialized Q&A Websites

These type of Q&A site is focus on a broad niche of a Technical Subject matter like Programming, Server, Hacking, Developing and the Information Technology (IT) in whole.

This Q&A site does not talk about Life, Medicine, Aerospace or other non-IT related topics.

Examples of Technical / Specialized Q&A sites;

  1. Stackoverflow
  2. Shapado
  3. Reddit for Programming
  4. Code Project
  5. Code Ranch
  6. Programmers Heaven
  7. Find Nerd


4. Topical / Niche Based Q&A Websites

Focused on a particular niche or Topic, Niche based Q&A sites have a community of Experts and Newbies around a certain Topic where Questions are Asked by the Newbies / Novice and Answers are provided by the Professional Experts in that niche.

Niche Q&A websites tend to be more focused and targeted and will convert easily as everyone you meet there will have a high chances of buying into what you have to Offer through Affiliate.

Examples of Topical / Niche based Q&A sites;

Medical Niche

  1. Ask Medical Doctor 
  2. Med Help
  3. MD Advice
  4. Medical Questions 
  5. Web MD
  6. Questions on Health
  7. Womens Health

Legal Niche

  1. Avvo
  2. Linkilaw


With all the Q&A sites above, you can answer and earn money using either one of the mediums I stated above.

But for the Focused Q&A sites that are built from scratch for you to earn just by answering other people’s Curios Questions, let’s go through them below.


Question & Answer Websites that you can answer and earn money from

There are lots of Survey Apps on Google’s Play store that allows you to earn real cash, redeemable via PayPal and Amazon Gift cards and we will list those App so you could download them and start earning.


1. Arise: arise Q&AAs an Independent Chat Agent, you will be paid between $9 to $19 to chat and answer peoples Questions at your own scheduled convenient Time. Start earning today by signing up for an Arise Account.

Work from Home and be your own Boss on Arise


2. Apple Work At Home Customer Care Support: Apple work at HomeThis is another great Opportunity to earn with your Apple Product Skills, Experience and Know hows. Apple.

If you are good with Apples Products and Devices like the iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and any other Apple Product, then you have passed the first Basic Requirement.

For the complete requirements, visit Dream Based Home Work

For full details, visit the App At Home Advisor Job Center to proceed


3. My Lot: My Lot Q&AMy Lot offers users Worldwide the Opportunity to answer and earn money among other activities like Discussion and guides.

Payments are made through PayPal


Visit My Lot Website and get started 


4. Experts 123: Experts123From the Expertise Points you earn, you can exchange them for Cash. Like the name implies, this platform connect experts with people with Questions who need answers.

Accumulated Points from this App can be redeemed through Amazon Gift Cards. Visit Expert 123 to get started



5. Site Staff: Site StaffChat Agent work virtually on the site for $10 for an hour spent on answering Questions, all you need is an Internet Connection and a steady access to the Network. 60 Words per Minutes is also required of you to be able to belong.

Let’s get started with Sitestaffs



6. Needle: Needle Q&A to EarnGiving Advise in a Q&A form to people on current Products available in diverse stores will also earn you Money on this site.

All the Customers will send in their Questions and request while the Expert outsource and deliver the Answers to them. Payments are done hourly with a very flexible Schedule working time.

Signup on Needle and Start Earning.



7. Televated Online Customer care Job: TelevatedFor those looking for the Best online Customer Care Job that pays awesomely, then Televated is the ideal site for you.

It is Google’s version of the Survey App.

From taking Surveys down to judging Products and answering Questions, you will earn a few couple of bucks each Week.

The catch on this App is that the Money you actually earn are paid into your Google Wallet Balance

Which you can only use to purchase Games, Apps and Musics from the Play store. Download Google Opinion Rewards Android App



8. Weegy: With a payment of $0.20 for every well answered and appreciated Answer on Weegy, you can put your Expertise to work and earn some cool cash at the end of each day. Users post Questions on the site and Answers that are marked Satisfactory earn 20 cent.


Weegy is dubbed a Community based Question and Answer site that belongs to everyone.

Become a Weegy Expert today and start earning



9. LivePerson: Liveperson Prest ExpertArguably one of the most popular Chat and Question and Answer Information Hub.

Now known as Prest Experts, this site connects Qualified Experts to Individuals in need of their Answers.

So as an Expert you will be hired for the right Questions and your Payment will be made through PayPal.


Start using Prest Expert to Earn a living



Summary: Q&A websites to answer and earn money

We have been able to list out almost 50 Q&A sites to answer and earn money , while some will pay you directly for your Answers, some could serve as an avenue to drive sales back to your Affiliated landing Page, Products or Services.

We know that there are quite some other sites out there, both old and new ones springing out and we intend to keep searching, researching, testing and updating our findings on this post.

So stay tune and subscribe to our Newsletter to be among the first to know when we have great offers.

All your Suggestions, Recommendations and Comments are highly welcomed

Please kindly tell us of other Questions & Answer sites that we missed in this Post and we will find out the time to update it as soon as possible.

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