Are you thinking of starting a business in the automotive-related area?  If your answer is yes, then here are some brilliant automotive business ideas.

The automotive business is vast and the industry will continue to expand since the population of vehicles and the numbers of individuals driving increase rapidly.

If you are interested in the automotive industry and will love to start a business in the automotive field there is an opportunity for you.

A lot of people who venture into this business knows how lucrative this automotive business can be.

Below are some great automotive business ideas that will guide you to the right path.


26 Automotive business ideas

     1. vehicles towing service

This type of business helps in providing services to help cars which have been involved in casualty abandoned vehicle owners’ move their car garage destination or service station.

An individual with the knowledge about towing or demographic idea arrangement for the breakdown vehicle can start this business with substantial capital investment.


     2. Driving school

Driving school business can be competitive especially since is not difficult to start up.

If you want to go into this type of business ensure to carry out market research so any risk associated with this type of business will be minimized.

Before running this business secure all the necessary permits, license, and insurance needed to run this business successfully.


    3. Taxi service

Taxi or cab service business is one of the easy businesses to start when it comes to transportation-related business. An entrepreneur can successfully start a taxi business.

As a matter of fact, with hard work and dedication, an entrepreneur with a serious mind for his business can grow his taxi business from just one taxi too many all over the state.

Taxi business is a profitable business worldwide.


     4.Truck service

A truck service business can be very profitable and also very competitive.

Owners of the business are usually the ones who drive their own trucks.

Knowing how to grow and run your truck business is more than driving.

You can consider hauling with your truck, it’s a great time to start your own trucking business.


    5. Car accessories

Car accessories business consist of car alarms, rims, body kits, and stereo systems, enhance both the exterior and interiors of cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Open a Car accessories business to sell these items to those who want to make their vehicle more fun and comfortable to drive.

Stock different types of accessories for a variety of vehicles.

You can also offer installation services to make purchasing these items more convenient for customers and to encourage repeat business.


    6. Automotive magazines

Automobile magazine is one of the most lucrative automotive business ideas.

There is very good demand in the market.

By marketing infrastructure and focusing a niche audience an individual can start this business with proper editorial.


    7. Filling station

A filling station is a very lucrative business in the automotive-related business, however, an entrepreneur that ventures into this business should have an intensive capital to start this type of business.

If you successfully get the right location for this business then you are on the right path.

But before starting this business apply and obtain the permit and license from the authority.


    8. Car dealer

Car dealer business is also considered as an intensive capital business, the same time it is a very profitable business especially when the business is well positioned and provides options for customers.

A car is a necessity so people who can afford cars do all they can to ensure to have a reliable car.

So if you want to venture into this business you will definitely have customers in whatever country you choose to start the business and you have to be financially capable of investing in the automotive industry.


   9. Car rental service

A car rental service is another great transportation business an entrepreneur can successfully start.

Car rental services are all about making cars available for rent to those who may need cars for one thing or the other.

If you want to start a transport related business, one of your options is into car rental services.


  10. Auto repair

Auto repair business is one of the highly flourishing, easy to start up and profitable automotive service related business idea in which an entrepreneur can successfully start.

This business can never go on extinction as long as people use their cars and truck regularly.


  11. Car wash

A car wash can be easy to establish and it is a very profitable business idea which an entrepreneur can easily set up.

This business can be interesting, fun and profitable.

With a good plan, right location, good services, and great price customers will come rushing in to wash their cars.


   12. Electrical


Apart from the mechanical parts in automobiles, another vital part of automobiles is an electrical component.

From the sound system in the vehicle to the headlight and to the brain box so on it goes, when these electrical components become faulty. The need for electrical service is needed.

Adequate training skills are required before you can successfully run this type of business.

This business is thriving and very profitable.


   13. Mobile windshield repairing

With low operating overhead cost and little inventory, an entrepreneur can start this business with a proper marketing strategy.

Mobile windshield repairing business can be started from a home location with low startup capital.


   14. Lubrication oil retail shop

Lubrication oil retail shop is a business that is highly thriving and very profitable business that an entrepreneur can consider venturing into.

Vehicles owners always want their vehicles to be serviced at regular intervals which creates markets for lubrication oil products.

The population of mechanical needs for oil has increased over the years making large profits.


   15. Car advertising

Another great way of making money from the automotive industry is through car advertising business.

If you own a car and you love driving around, you can turn this hobby into making money.

There are lots of advertising agencies looking for cars that can serve as their moving billboards and they are willing to pay pretty well.


   16. Auto body shop

Auto-body shop business is a service that provides auto-body repairing and new bodybuilding as well as selling spare parts and accessories related to the vehicle body.

As the business opportunity of auto-body shop and the number of cars is also increasing globally. Auto-body shop business is a diversified variety of services and vast in nature.

Any entrepreneur having experience in the automotive industry can venture into this business with moderate capital investment.

There are a Lot of franchise options is also available for auto-body shop business


   17. Car battery shop

Car battery shop is another cool way to make money in the automotive business.

In this type of business the location matters you may consider having it by a busy roadside or in your neighborhood it can attract customers.

You can also involve in a battery rental style, by having lots of batteries on standby that can be used in different cars

   18. Window tinting business

One can start this business with low startup capital from home location and also Window tinting business idea demands professional skill of window tinting.


   19. Online Auto Spare Parts Shop

Online auto spare parts shop is just like online cars sale.

In order to be able to run this business successfully, you must ensure that you have a payment portal and a reliable shipping process.

One of your options is to open an online auto spare parts shop If you are interested in expanding the scope of your market as an auto spare parts dealer, it is less stressful and of course profitable to run an online auto spare parts shop.


   20. Vehicle Registration Agency

Vehicle registration Agency is a highly thriving and profitable automotive business.

You can start this business as an individual or by creating an organization with other value-added services.

With the vehicle population that increases day-by-day, the requirement of getting those vehicle registrations is also creating a huge market for vehicle registration agency business.


    21. Used Car Dealer

The used car market is now a huge market globally.

You can venture into this business with experience about used vehicles and having a retail car location.

In starting the used car dealer business, it is important to have knowledge about the depreciation assessment.



    22. Tyre store business

Tyre store business some adequate knowledge about different types of Tyre that comes with different unique number and opportunity which demands full control of inventory.

One can start this business in anywhere in your area with a moderate capital to start this investment.

You only need to evaluate the car density of that particular location.


   23. Online car sale business

Starting an online car sale business is a great platform to sell cars if you don’t have where to display your cars.

The internet and social media have made it possible for people to purchase anything from an online shop and have it delivered to without stress.

Online car sale business is low to operate compared to opening a car sales garage.


    24. Vehicle Licensing Brokerage Services

Vehicle license brokerage service is another important vehicle documents that usually expires annually, there is at least once in a year renewal.

Since it is crime to drive with expired documents.

This type of business can be successful if combined with other related brokerage business.

Starting a vehicle brokerage service involve helping people and organizations do work as related to vehicle license renewal.


     25. Mobile Mechanic service

This is another low budget automotive related business which an entrepreneur who is a trained auto mechanic should put into consideration.

Mobile mechanic service means even without a workshop, you can still go around to help fix people vehicle or service their automobile in their offices, homes and also on the road.

Starting a mobile mechanic service require a low capital and it’s very lucrative.


    26. Auto Locksmith Business

The Auto locksmith business is another way you can make money in the automotive business that an entrepreneur should consider starting.

If you have ever been locked out of your car or misplaced your keys, then you just would appreciate the services of auto locksmiths.

You need to have the training skills and license before venturing into this business.




  Summary; Automotive business ideas

The automotive industry now is experiencing a great transformation that will alter the new and used vehicles in the market.

The full need of an automotive center is trusting the mechanics with competent that they will always be there.

with the use of advertising on handbills, newspaper and another medium can also help your business increase by a margin.

The customers are always ready to maintain and service there vehicle for a long period of time as new vehicle increases so the trend of the business.

with the above-compiled business ideas, they will assist you to get into automotive business-related areas that suit you.





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