Compiled and well-researched blog niche list of different Industry, Profession, and Categories for those who want to start a Career in blogging

In our last post “leaving sales career“, we listed Blogging as one of the Career ones can switch to from Sales but without a detailed post on the different Blogging Niche to choose from

In this post we want to do just that, showing you how you can turn Blogging into a Career path after leaving sales.

We have put together about 21 blog niche list that anyone can get started with and earn a living with a list of accompanied available Domain Names that one can Purchase and use


What platform can one use to Blog

The Four most common platforms used by Bloggers to Blog are;

  1. Google Blogger which comes with the.blogspot.com Domain Extension after your preferred name
  2. WordPress CMS which has a Live FREE Version with a .wordpress.com Domain Extension at the end just like blogspot.com but also with a FREE Self-hosted Version that can use your Domain Name
  3. Drupal is another third most Popular Blogging CMS used by people after Blogger and WordPress
  4. Joomla too is another great Content Management System used for Blogging by quite a lot of people, in our Ranking, we will place this CMS at number 4


There are many more other Blogging Platforms and CMS (Content Management Systems) that people use all over the world and in one of our Posts, we will list this varieties and options and how to get started using them.


21 Profitable Blog Niches list you can start Blogging on

These are lists of 21 Blogging Niches and Suggestable Domain Names that are Available for Purchase as at the time of Writing this Post.


Our Rank Blog Niche Domain Description
1. Apps                                     www.Kapplications.com  www.Kapplication.com On this Niche, you will basically write a listicle on different Apps, like a list of 10 Banking Apps in New York.

You can also write on Apps that can let you do this or that, the options are unlimited.

2. Job & HR www.Recruitson.com


The Job Niche is a very Big and lucrative Niche to blog on

Apart from that, it is an Evergreen niche that will continue to stay relevant, year in, year out.

Millions of people depend on Jobs to Survive and Companies keep employing and Firing.

3. Products Review www.Productslike.co On Products Like you will Blog on Products alternatives Example: “Products like Amazon Echo”
4. Food                                 www.Foodbeess.com www.Foodeess.com  www.Fooddeess.com If your Passion lays in Food and Cooking or you are a foodie, then blogging on Cooking

How to Cook and Food to Eat and the ones not to eat will be a way forward.

5. Health www.iHealthey.com  www.iHealthies.com If you have flare or interest for People’s Health and Healthy living in General, then this will be a better Niche.
6. Education www.Educationie.com www.Educationey.com www.EducationAndSchooling.com This is a very big and profitable Niche, from blogging on Admission into Schools, Universities & Colleges

To Academic Research Papers and Assignment Help like what Chegg does.

7. Fashion  www.Fashioniess.com For the Fashionistas and the Fashion Minded, starting a Blog that details the current Fashion Trends will sell.

Secondly, you could blog on the different Clothing and their Names

Lastly, you could blog on Fashion Reviews and earn Money through Affiliate Sales of Fashion Products.

8. Parenting / Mom & Dad  www.eParentings.com


On this Blog, you will talk about the right ways to train your Children talking Culture and Differences into consideration.

The way kids are raised in Africa is very different from the way they are raised in the Western world like the United States, likewise in China

9. Fitness & Body Building www.Fitnexts.com


If you run a Fitness Business or have a thing or two to say about Working out, staying Fit and eating Fit.

Starting a Blog on Fitness with any of the Domains there could earn you Extra Income

10. Religion www.Religioners.com You can start a Religion Blog with this Domain in the Religion and Spirituality Niche, educating people on the things of the Spirit while giving your Scholarly articles and thesis.
11. Relationship Advice www.mRelationships.com www.mRelationship.com For the Relationship Experts and the Flirt Dudes, blogging on Relationship and Dating is an awesome Niche and can make you thousands of Dollars through

Affiliate Programs like Michael Fiore’s Get Your Ex Back on Clickbank Affiliate marketplace.

12. Banking & Finance www.mobilebankingapps.org  www.BanksofBanks.com You can write How to Articles on each Bank in Countries around the World like How to Open a Savings Account, How to Download and Activate the Banking App, etc.
13. Entertainment                                   www.Entertainmentie.com  www.Entertainmentey.com  www.XEntertainments.com The Entertainment Industry is Broad and can be subdivided into other Niches and sections

Music: You can write on the latest Music and also give a link to Downloads

Movies: You can either focus on all Movies or Just Series and your Domain name could be something like JustSeries.com

Gaming is also an Entertainment Niche and you can offer a Blog where Gaming Tips, Tricks, and codes are given.

14. Marketing & Sales www.iMarketingo.com  www.Marketingoog.com www.Marketingars.com On this one, you will basically write on Marketing or Sales or yet still have a Blog that deals with a mix of both Marketing and Sales.

For Marketing, you will write on the different ways to Market, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing

While on Sale, you will talk about who a Salesperson is and how each salesperson close Sales deals.

15. Technology & Gadget www. iTechnologiesX.com  www.eTechnologiesX.com www.iTechnologey.com  www.XTechnologist.com If you are a Technologist or a Gadget Freak who wants to buy and use the latest technology in Vogue.

Then consider opening a Blog on Gadgets where you write full review and specs on Gadget and technological devices like




Amazon Echoes


16. Science & Discovery  www. Sciencesa.com   www.Sciencesar.com  www.Sciencesers.com  www.iDiscoverist.com  www.eDiscoverers.com  www.Discoverars.com if you are good at Science and Discovery, following NASA and other Science Projects and Research Programs around the World then consider blogging in this Niche.
17. Computer Science & Coding  www.eComputerScience.com  www.ComputerSciencer.com  www.Codingars.com  www.iCodingo.com This Niche will deal with Topics in Computer Science in General

While on the other hand, one who is skillful in any Coding Language can blog on Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C# or any other Coding language out there.

18. Sport www.SportXer.com www.SporteXts.com www.Sportterro.com For the Sports enthusiasts, this will be an avenue for you to analyze and predict and also arrange your League
19. Make Money www. iMoneyer.com  www.Moneyars.com  www.Moneyists.com A very lucrative but difficult Niche, if you must go into this Niche, be rest assured that you have a great strategy on the ground on how to be different and unique from thousands of other bloggers in this Niche.
20. Automobile, Car Parts & Repairs www.Autoingo.com  www.Autotro.com www.AutoCarar.com  www.AutoCaras.com Do you have a wealth of Experience and expertise in the Automobile Industry, knowing every made and Year of a car.

Or do you have the experience Buying and Fixing Car Parts, knowing the common issues that could arise in each car, consider starting an Automobile Blog

It could be on Car Prices, Car Spare Part Prices or a combination of both.

21. News & Live Events www.CurrentEvents.info www.latestnewstodayinenglish.com There are News Sites all over the World trying to keep people informed of the latest happenings in their Cities and Locality

But some are not Innovative enough to deliver just what you might be looking for

Delivering a vibrant and Innovative News Portal via Blogging can take you far.


1. Applications (iOS & Android)

You should be well aware of the fact that today millions of people depend on one App or the other to execute their daily Life’s routine

From Banking, Communication, Socializing and even Dating, we are presented with hundreds of App categories to write on and I will make a list of App Ides you can blog on.

  1. Banking Apps
  2. Finance Apps
  3. Dating Apps
  4. File Transfer Apps
  5. Educational Apps
  6. Auto & Vehicle Apps
  7. Art & Design Apps
  8. Beauty Apps
  9. Fashion Apps
  10. Communication Apps
  11. Entertainment Apps
  12. Event Apps
  13. Food & Drink Apps
  14. Health & Fitness Apps
  15. Kids & Teens Apps


1A. Games (iOS & Android)

Under Applications or beside it, we also have a sister Niche called Games, if you are a Game freak and see yourself comfortable in writing about your Gaming Experience

Then this will be a better Nichie too to explore and within it, there are other subsets of Niches and Categories which am going to list below

  1. Action Games
  2. Adventure Games
  3. Arcade Games
  4. Board Games
  5. Card Games
  6. Casino Games
  7. Casual Games
  8. Musical Games
  9. Educational Games
  10. Puzzle Games
  11. Racing Games
  12. Sport Games
  13. Stimulation Games
  14. and Role Play Games


1B. Kids & Family (Apps & Games)

There is also a Niche reserved for Family, Parenting, Kids, and Teens where things are a bit on the Casual side and contains no form of Extreme Violence or Nudity

Since it is geared to Kids and teens from Age 0 – 5, 6 to 8 and then Age 9 till the benchmark of Adulthood. This Niche basically works on helping the Kids learn and Grow

Like creativity, Brain Games and Educational Contents for Children



Summary: blog niche list

Before we could finish the numbers of blog niche list and its subcategories, we have already exhausted our post Quota on this particular post

Which takes us to the Next page for this topic, a continuation of the blog niche list will be made with detailed examples and options

You can always choose from any of the Niche and begin your Blogging Career, where ever you may need help, do not hesitate to contact us at once

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