These Blogging categories give you a list of more than 250 Blog Niches to pick from when starting your Blogging career

Before you start blogging, you will need to pick a Category, Industry or Niche that your Blog will focus on, that way you are able to put things in place

knowing your Target Audience, target Keywords and ultimately having a better Content Strategy.

In every sector of Business, Government or any other Subject in Life, there is always Categorization, which is more of a way to classify or group items that have things in common together

So, in this post, we will be making a list of all the blogging categories that we have ever known with an accompanying Domain name that you could use to start a Blog


This post is a continuation of this Article: Profitable Blog Niche list that you can start today

250+ blogging categories + FREE Available Domain Names you can use

In the previous post, we made a list and stopped at the first Niche, Applications. On this post, we will continue with the second Niche Job & HR

So while reading through, get a piece of Paper and a biro to take down some notes while deciding on your preferred blogging category and the suitable Domain Name


2. Job & HR

The Job Niche is one of the most Lucrative Niches there is and I will give you lots of reasons why you would succeed and have a residual source of Income through this blogging category

The Job Nich is further subdivided into other Niches and Job is an extreme evergreen niche which means that it will always be relevant, day in, day out

Without any sought of slack in its relevance or necessity, people are hired this month and in the next in another company somewhere, someone is fired

  1. Job Posting Blog
  2. Job Interview Tips Blog
  3. Job aggregation Blog
  4. Job App Blog
  5. Job Agency Blog
  6. Talent Management Blog


2A. Job Posting Blog Idea

In the Job Posting Blog, what you are basically going to do is to set up a very neat and Professional Blog using either WordPress or Google Blogger

Then make it either a Single Author Blog or a Multi-Author Blog, then start getting Job offers from Companies around your Vicinity to post on the Blog

At times you can browse to Company Websites and grab their Email addresses, shoot them a mail asking if they have any Opening, that you could help them post it on your Blog freely

This can grow into a Big Job Portal if you do things right and stay consistent blogging for Job opportunities either within a certain niche or generally.


2B. Job Interview Tips Blog Idea

In this section, after setting up your blog, what you are going to offer on this Blog are tips and tricks on how to get the Job you want

This Blog will also tell people the current skills in demand plus where and how to get them, it will further drill down to listing the skills that each profession should possess

Doing this will give you access to email addresses of lots of people who have an interest in your contents and this Tips site can also grow into a successful Job portal

You could even offer Premium Contents like Guaranteed Job landing Subscription where you make sure certain Employees who subscribe end up getting jobs

You can achieve this by tailoring their Skills to the right Job and also preparing them with a Daily / Weekly Course that they will take each day or week

This Course will strengthen or build their Skills in the areas of a certain Profession, then you source out such Job for them and send them to go for the Interview


3C. Job Aggregation Blog Idea

There are lots of Job Aggregation Board out there and how they basically function is like a Search Engine but this time for Job

They pull out the listing of Jobs from lots of other Job Boards and make them available on one website for you to go through and apply

So what your Blog will basically do which is a bit more of a tedious task will be to curate Job Offers and Vacancies from Job Boards around and post them on your Blog

For a start, you can post at least 10 Job Vacancies each then, do that and stay very consistent and you will start ranking on Google for this Job Offers and Opportunities

If Google Job for any reason recognizes you as a Job Destination, you would be listed in Google Job Search Result like other Job Portals

Two key things you must do, rewrite the Title and the first description of the Job Vacancies and then remain consistent, after 6 Months time, you will start seeing the result


3D. Job App Blog Idea

Most of our Life, Work, and Business Activities revolve around one App or the other and this does not exclude Job hunting

Most Job Portals do have Apps for easy Job hunting on the Go but few are aware of it, so your Blog will focus on listing and explaining diverse Job Apps around the World

You can section it by Country, for instance in a category called Job Apps in the USA, you will then list all the Job Apps that are available and used for USA residents

Then, also have another Category for Global Job Apps, these are Apps that are used in Several Countries in the World, an example of such App is Indeed Jobs

You can also List Job Apps by Profession, Industry, and Career. Lastly, you can do a Screenshot and make a Video while using the Job App, showing how they work

Because funny enough some people that give bad Reviews on Apps on the Play store actually did not know how to go about using it, hence the frustration

You can generate Revenue through Advertisement like Google Adsense and also charge new Job App Developers from $100 and above to list their App with Screenshot, How to’s and Videos


3E. Job Agency Blog Idea

Job Agency is a very lucrative Business Niche both Urban and rural environment, even in the Western World, Job Agencies make quite a decent amount of Money.

When I visited Lagos Nigeria in Africa, I was surprised to see how Agent Charges Employees N3,000, that’s basically around $10 for Registration

Then enter into a 50% / 50% Split Agreement on their 1st Salary, so in a nutshell, they pay $10 to register, then when they secure their First Job through the Agent

They wait and collect their first Salary, if it’s $300 for instance, they take $150 for the first Month Salary. The Employee start taking his or her complete Salary from the second Month.

So your blog will be a Job Agency Management Blog, so People seeking for Job Registers, it could be FREE since people will be skeptical giving Money online without meeting you in person

Then you call then on Phone to orient them on your Modus operandi if they agree on the terms which will be 50% of their Salary and $10 Registration Fee that they were supposed to pay from the onset


3F. Talent management Blog Idea

The talent Management Blog is more like the Job Agency Blog Idea but this time around its more integrated and personalized

The Talents will register under your Blog and you will display their details and profile on the Blog and interested Companies and Organizations alike can request for them

Once these happen, the request gets to you and you contact the company to get more details before sending the Talent across

You end up making recurring Commissions for each talent hired as there will a contract agreement signed by your Talents before taking them up and listing them on your Blog

Talent management might not cover every Job Niche but quite a few of them like the Entertainment, Art, and Modelling

This doesn’t mean that you can’t manage other Industry talents, you can but some of them might be a time cut.





don't quit blogging
don’t quit blogging

People have given up on their Blogging Career halfway even when the Harvest wasn’t due and some have done that 20% to Harvest

Don’t be such person, don’t give up, blogging is not something you setup easily and leave it there and boom you have millions in your Account

No, it’s not, it is as a Business, just that it gives you leverage and flexibility of working times and location

But for time to yield, the same thing that applies to other Businesses applies to Blog, so you have to wait and be patient.

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. – Thomas A. Edison[/epq-quote]






be consistently consistent
be consistently consistent

Image Source: Cuppacocoa

Read more on Consistency here on Cuppacocoa Blog

Consistency is the Key, I did an Experiment where I started a small blog without doing any on-Page or optimization whatsoever using Blogger

My focus was to be consistent for 6 Months and this I did, after that Duration, I saw Traffic coming in from Direct Users, Search and Social

It wasn’t a big Explosion though but it proved to me that consistency can definitely Pay over a well funded and optimized blog that isn’t consistent



Summary: Blogging categories

In this section of the post on Blogging categories which was basically a continuation of blog niche lists, we were only able to cover the Job & HR niche

We went into deeper detailing and explanations on how you can start a Blog in diverse sub-niches of the Job and Human Resources Niche

So get started with one of them and try as much as you can to stay consistent and wait for the result, there is always a time to sow and a time to reap

Don’t expect all this to happen at once all at the same time, that will be you being impatient, greedy and not corporating with the norms.

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