Investment opportunities in Africa are what we will be discussing in today’s article.

Do you feel like your money is a waste or do you think that it’s going to put to birth in the bank for you?

Yes, your money could actually put to birth and have more babies, just for you, only if you decide to do the right thing, take the right decision an invest.

you heard me right, investment is the right thing for you to do and Africa would be just the right place for you to invest in because there are numerous Investment opportunities in Africa.

In Africa, there are lots of opportunities to invest in, when it comes to Africa we mean business.

Africa is a great, awesome and resourceful continent that will always give you a great ROI (return on Investment) only if you will find and have a good investment plan to tap into the African market.

Imagine a population, close to billions of people, in a place like this all you need, is an investment plan and the business to invest in and the time of investment does not really matter (due to/depending on some factors).

And one of the challenges is knowing the right and perfect business to invest in.

Before we go further, it would be good that we understand some certain things.

What is Investment?

Investment, with reference from, is putting money or capital into an entity in order to gain a profitable return, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
But however, an asset purchased now and given either to a bank to keep or put into a company in order to get an interest in the future.                                                                                                                                                                  Investment in order word may be known as a long term saving.

Types of Investment

There are three known types of investments which are;

Stock investment.

Cash equivalent

And Bond investment.

one also need to understand the type of investment he/she is venturing into.


Stock, something accumulated/collected in order to be of use in the future.
In the stock investment, you should understand that if you own shares of a company’s stock. in order words, you own a part of that company depending on how huge the share you own.

A Bond is a kind of loan a Shareholder/Stockholder invests into a company/organization for a period of time, and when getting it back with interest and to repay the principal at a later date.

Cash equivalent 
In the case of Cash equivalent, they are investment bonds that last only for a short period of time (short term bond) with high credit quality which is great too.


Why do you/should you invest.

Some of the Black Nation is experiencing an unstable economic growth, as one might say that the black nation (Africa) has numerous problem lingering around in the economy, ranging from Education, starvation, Energy (electricity) and unemployment, while things like this are scary and resilient to many.

Company, entrepreneurs, and investors see it as an opportunity (a huge investment opportunity to invest in).

 Someone once said: trade money for time and not the time for money. You are going to run out of time first. “Naval Ravi Kant’’ Now that is an investment.

Solving a problem also entitles you to money, so investing your money in order to get a problem solved will not only end up giving you back a profitable interest but access to massive wealth too.
Despite the resilience in economic growth and slightly backward operating techniques, The Black Nation still attracts investors, and still, yet there is room for investment.

And we are talking about Investment opportunities in Africa, and how many are we talking about?
There are numerous investment opportunities in Africa, but we will only be talking about a few good numbers of it.
1. Energy (electricity)
2. Infrastructure.
3. Advance inexpensive private school.
4. E-library for students.
5. Real estate.
6. Banking and finance.
7. Agriculture.
8. Procurement and Logistics.
9. Recyclable Energy.
10. Biogas.


Energy (Electricity)

Electricity (Energy) shortage is one of the biggest threat faced in some of the Africa countries.
As an investment, energy has a relatively great base, it’s certainly inflexible because the universe greatly relies on it to get through their everyday lives.

In a sector like this where almost the whole universe relies on will always be in high demand, so market deflation and hard time will have little or no shock on its consumption, posing /leaving energy (electricity) a great long term unshakable investment opportunity in Africa.
A good commodity people would always go for, and in today’s world, it is always essential.
Like always said, that one is only entitled to money when he/she solves a problem. Offering this person what they really are in need of, the energy sector which is not doing so fine.

15.3% of people in Tanzania lack access to electricity and only 14.2% of the population of people in Sierra Leone have access to electricity. So the question is what happens to 18.2% of the population?
A situation like this is scary and a threat to foreigners, but better still it is a great avenue for an investor to take the opportunity.
Invest in any company, willing to take the infrastructure of a place like Sierra Leone to the next level energy-wise
Chad, South Sudan, Burundi, and Malawi are on the top list of energy (electricity) inadequacy.



With a Country like Nigeria, who is still struggling with renewable energy like solar energy, wind etc. they could use some help if there are companies that will stand up for that.
A country like South Sudan, where 1% of their road is well paved and there’s still great to do, not up to 50% of the population have access to Morden-style housing, power infrastructure is what deprives the rest of the population the right to Energy
South Sudan would be great if investors would invest in the Infrastructure sector, civilization will set in at it’s highest.


Avance inexpensive Private schools

in Africa, when did you hear of an advanced private school? bingo, you must have heard of it but its rear particularly in developing African countries.

do you know that if private schools were not expensive, lots of parent and student would be able to afford it and that too would be their preference?

Some of the African countries lack/are limited to proper Education. While some lack basic education system. But whichever way it may be, there is a shortage in these sectors.

Most countries have a good educational system, still, yet there’s a huge problem in literacy in some African countries. Reason being that this educational system is out of some persons to reach, some African family can’t afford it.

In Africa, private school is one thing and knowing the expense is another thing. Having a private school is great but an advance private
Due to the spontaneous growth in the private School sector, the demand overpowers the supply, and the IEC has the full resources and experience of opening and running new schools.

The demand for schools is very high, according to the demand for school growth as of 2009 to 2015 in private school enrolments at both primary and secondary level was double that of public schools CAGR 4.4%
The shares from private schools in GCC was 15.1% as at 2016, and in the near future (before the end of 2020) the shares for private school is expected to yield an increase of 19.1%

And not just that, but the market size of the private school will and is expected to get doubled from $8.1b in 2016 to $16.2bn to 2030.
Private school is an ideal investment you should invest in Africa.



Students E-Library

The library is an essential role in the Educational system.

A library is the second school of an African.
The library plays a major role in the schooling system, without a library, the school would look/be incomplete.

A library might look or function as the internet does today, whenever a student wants to carry out research, he/she goes to the library to gather some information.

but in today’s world, there’s what we call an Internet, an internet now serves as a library, the internet has a vast collection of information to offer to the student.

investing in s0mething people would always use (gadget) making it Mobile accessible. (smartphones)

Investing in an e-library in Africa, an e-library would make education and research easier.
African countries are really lacking behind when it comes to Technology. So a potential investor who decides to invest in e-library in Africa can’t really be turned down.



Real estates/Housing

With the numbers of rising challenges faced by Africans, this challenges rather in turn,

give both foreign and non-foreign investors speculations why they should invest in Africa.
Africa faces an enormous housing dilemma in almost all its urban region,

courtesy of rural to urban migration and daily increase in population. In a case like the Housing dilemma, the government has been legitimately overpowered.

The only thing that can save the day at the moment is taking the real estate/ housing to the next level.

Investors investing in the sector of real estate’s/ housing sector in Africa can’t lose.

Africa’s real estate’s investment sector will always yield a great ROI for any investor investing in it,

and as it stands it was forecasted two years ago that in four years’ time, the Nigerian real estate’s/ housing sector will be growing at 5.39%.




The bank might sure look great, courtesy of your money.
But the truth is that you can still choose to invest in banks or financial services like microfinance banks.
Investing in African lending sectors,

And you should know that you are already an investor in a bank? Any bank you have an account with, you are basically investing with them without knowing. Banks can’t function without your money.

But you could choose to become an official shareholder by officially investing in their bank.
This is what happens; whenever you deposit money in the bank, they give you a little token.
the bank appreciates you for investing your money with them(banking with them).

And in turn, your money is used as a LOAN to lend to people who are in need and have applied for the loan.
So if an investor chooses to partner with a bank and invest with them, it is great because the returns on investment will always drop in.



The 2015/2016 RMB report has shown that governments are doing poorly in the Agricultural sector.

Particularly shifting from subsistence farming to agro-processing.

Agriculture, as you know, is a low-risk investment. An investment with a solid base despite the condition of the recession and still rise in term of investment returns.

Agriculture is a concrete asset/service that is of great benefit to the commonwealth.

Depending on the type of Agricultural sector one intends to invest in, but it is certain that almost all wings in the agricultural sector will always give high returns on investment.

Agriculture as an investment in Africa can be as a second source of income/investment because the returns are sometimes rapid and the growth is tremendous.

The best asset to possess in time of recession or financial instability, I guessed is investing in Agriculture.

don’t be surprised that a goldmine is great to own, but an investment in Agriculture is greater.

All humans need to grow and grow they need to eat, eating means food, and the food is gotten from agriculture. And that makes Agriculture a great asset, and the best way to take your stance is to invest in agriculture

So if an investor gets interested in investing In an African country, good for him/her.

Because it is and has always been legit.





Procurement and Logistic

Procurement and logistic, is always growing at a faster pace in Africa.

Logistic and Procurement offers a solid method of fulfilling the ever-rising need for supply (ranging from equipment’s, consumable goods and non-consumable goods).

Africa as it is, the majority of the countries lack a consistent procurement service provider.

Though it is a fast growing need.

Investing in the sector of freighting is an ideal investment opportunity in Africa.



Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

In today’s world, electricity is very essential, it is one of the most demanding commodity out there.
Because there’s much good to it and its investment.

but I would suggest that we take a look at the brighter side of this; Renewable energy (Recyclable energy).

In other third world countries, I believe that they must have arrived, but not certainly for sure.
Investing in renewable energy in Africa is a great long term investment.

an investment that will consistently drop a high rate of returns to the investors.

Renewable energy is one of the strong investment opportunities in Africa that will not only deliver great returns on investment.

but also a better future for Africa in return. One of the key difference between Renewable energy and non-renewable energy (oil/gas/gasoline generators)

is that people really appreciate them, it really saves, But renewable energy is for the future.

The energy sector is one of the up-and-coming investment opportunities for African investors,

any company that takes advantage of energy investment opportunities in Africa probably with the right relation/associate

would get huge breakthroughs even when the is deflation in the economy.

In the near future shareholders in the renewable energy sector will be getting great ROI’s and will definitely become Millionaires.



Biogas is a subsistence household aid.

investing in something people use almost in their everyday lives, they have to cook, they need to take coffee in cool weather too.

and in turn, they will pay for service provided. Biogas is something people waste almost every day in some African countries.

Biogas is environmentally friendly,  mostly used in northern Europe, Germany, and Indi, just a few to mention.

Bringing/starting up a large scale biogas industry in Africa is an ideal investment opportunity in Africa.




Voila! and we have come to the end of Investment opportunities in Africa, and we believe that we’ve now had a good idea of what to do.

don’t let the money be a waste, invest in Africa, the Black Nation where the market is even more than you expected.

There are so many other investment opportunities in Africa and other continents. Africa was our focus for the day.

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