When considering leaving sales career to something else, look through these 15 Career Opportunities that you can Pursue and still make way more than what you earned in your Traditional Sales Career

So basically you have been in the Sales Industry for quite some Years now, closing out a bunch of Sales deals though with hard work and more efforts than you should

And at this point, you are considering leaving Sales career to something else more stress-free and fulfilling and you don’t know where to start from

We have got your back on this, as we have learned from research done through LinkedIn’s big data that most people transit from Sales each year

Linkedin did a data mine of millions of LinkedIn user profiles to study the Transition and found out interesting Trends in people switching careers, most especially people leaving sales career and where next they went to

With this information and our own in-house Independent research, we have been able to compile a list of other impressive Career paths that you can leave Sales career to.

Being that you had some Experience in Sales, it will be easier for you to venture into this other Career paths and Succeed big time



1. Blogging (On Sales & Marketing)

start a blog
start a blog

Start a Blog on something that interests you a lot or something you find yourself talking about most of the times.

For instance, you find yourself talking about Sport all the time, you can start a Blog in the Sports niche and write insightful articles, analysis, and predictions on upcoming Matches and Events.

Talking about this in a Blog could turn into a Money-Spinning Business if done well

All you need is great content and a host of Visitors and Fans who visit your Blog regularly for your insightful Updates and Analyses

Once you have quite a sizable number of Website Visitors to your Blog, you can in turn charge Companies and Product Owners to Advertise and promote their Products and Services on your Blog in exchange for some residual Cool Cash.

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2. Writing Service

writing service
writing service

Offer a Writing Service to a community of Millions of Bloggers and Companies who need lots of Contents for their Content Marketing Strategy.

Content is King they say, this has been true over the ages and has remained true till this date.

Any Company who have an Online Presence who is not taking advantage of a Content Strategy for Marketing is actually losing a whole lot.

Most people go to Google to search for Information and Google picks a handful of websites and Blogs who have this Information and deliver it to the User in their Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

and the user then decides which is close to his or her result and heads down to such website.

Reading through the content, the User is being sold to by the Company in between their Post which must be related to what they do and Offer.

So, writing Articles for Lazy Bloggers or Bloggers who have lots of Blogs to take care of are have to Pay for some while earn you a decent amount of Income, Day in, Day out.

You can also get writing Gigs from platforms like Freelancer and Fiverr but to get simple Writing Gigs instantly today and start earning a little amount of Money

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3. Market Research

market research
market research

Conducting Market Research for Companies is a whole new level of a Professional Career if you are doing a transition out of sales career


Why do Companies conduct Market research (3 reasons)?

  1. If a Company is planning to Start-up and needs to know what the Market looks like and what People thinks about their Intending Product or Service.
  2. Already Existing Companies that intend to add a new line of Product to their Product line and needs to see if their Product answers the Market’s Question for Solution
  3. When a Company is making a major change to its Product and needs to know Peoples Opinion about the change

So, for a Company to take any and all of the above-mentioned steps, they must conduct a Market research else they make a big mistake that may cost them a Fortune or their entire Company.

The Market Research will help them understand what the Customers or Potential Clients will feel about the New product or the changes they intend to introduce.

Most Companies outsource and contract Researches like this to Companies and Individuals involved in the Business of Market Research and Analysis.


4. Tutoring (On Sales)


Run a Tutoring Class on things you know already and make a full transition out of sales career today.

As a Tutor, you don’t need any kind of Selling or trying to convince someone for whatever reasons to buy into something you don’t even know if they like or not.


What are the things you could Tutor people on?

Apart from Tutoring people on Sales based on your Experience and lessons, you can also start tutoring sessions on any of the topics below if you have what it takes.

  1. Swimming
  2. Dancing
  3. Mathematics
  4. Business
  5. English
  6. Arabic
  7. Spanish
  8. German
  9. Workout
  10. Singing
  11. Twerking
  12. Taekwondo
  13. Karate

And lots more

Just look for something that you know you are currently good at and offer it as a Tutoring Service to people Online or offline in your Locality.


To be able to Tutor and get Result, you must;

  1. Possess a Smart Mind
  2. Have a good sense of Humour
  3. Have a strong Logical and Analytical Mind
  4. Great Teaching Skills and Competencies
  5. A Bunch of Awareness Skills & Strategy to get People to be aware


5. Search Engine Marketing / Optimization


Search Engine Optimization otherwise known as SEO in short and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been very high in demand Skill in the past decades

Being that it indirectly deals with Sales, though the type of Sales that you stay at home on the Comfort of your PC through Content Marketing

Not a face to face or phone conversation where you are trying to convince a potential client to Buy in, in this case, your Sales copy crafted in form of an Article does the work of convincing your website or Blog users even without your presence.

With this Skill and Career path, you can make way more than what you used to earn as an Employee while in real-world Sales where you meet with Companies and Organization to close up deals.


6. Online Marketing


Online Market is another great Career path that you can consider when leaving sales career because it deals with all mediums of reaching out to people virtually to market a Product or Service without meeting them in person.

Just like SEO which is just a Branch of Online Marketing, in the areas of Online Marketing, you will not only focus on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing but rather a full length and Breadth of Marketing Online


When you are dealing with Online Marketing, you will be looking at

  1. Social Media Marketing

  2. Search Engine Marketing

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Pay Per Click Marketing

  5. Cost Per Sales Marketing (CPS)

  6. Video Marketing

  7. Viral Marketing

  8. Affiliate Marketing

  9. Content Marketing (Article)


Each and every one of this Online Marketing Subcategories has more Sub Categories and goes deep inside on mediums and channels one can use to execute their Marketing

For instance onSociall Media Marketing alone, you could explore up to 50 Social Media marketing Medium and Chanel, each differing from the other

Internet Marketing is not a One fit it all approach, as one Social Media Marketing Strategy could be suitable for one Business and not suitable for the other.

So a good Online Marketing Strategist or an Experienced Online Marketer will be able to tell which will work for which Business.


7. Digital Marketing

digital marketing
digital marketing

People always mistaken, misinterpret or interchange the word Digital Marketing with Online Marketing, they are just two different things entirely though have close ties as being in the same Industry

Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting or marketing a Product/ Service through Digital Mediums, technology, and Devices via the Internet and also off the Internet

Example: Display Ads on your Phone even when you aren’t online, display signage in malls, Display Banners on highways on digital displays, etc.

As long as these Ads are promoted or advertised through Digital Displays and Mediums even when it isn’t connected to the Internet, it is deemed Digital Marketing

When on a Highway, you could see some Digital Billboards with ads requesting you to place your Ads on those digital Billboards


Summary: leaving sales career

In summary, we have been able to look into the diverse lucrative career paths that you can venture into when leaving sales career and we believe that one of them will be helpful and suitable for you

Do you think we have in any way missed out any other career opportunity that you think would be suitable for someone leaving Sales, then let us know in the Comment section.

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