Are you a Sales Person looking on how to Transition out of sales career to something else that will not require you selling to anyone?

Then I guess you need to read this through till the end,

Selling is one of the most tedious and daunting Task for lots of People,
Conducting an Interview for a Sales Persons could get you only quite a handful of real salespersons out of a whole bunch of interested candidates in attendance.

Many People feel terribly discouraged and afraid when they intend to venture into a Business that will require Sales as part of their daily operation of the Business and that is quite understandable,

Reasons being that not everyone has the traits of a Sales Person, standing before a stranger whom you don’t know his or her mood to start initiating a conversation just to convince the person to give Money to you in exchange for your Product.

Even some who knows have this Salesman Skill still feel bad doing it, they could do so maybe because of the Pay involved or because they just have to Survive

In Sales, some people are very talented and Gifted to the point that they can literally sell faces to anyone which therefore means that Marketing and Sales comes Naturally to them,

It just flows, they don’t need to think what to Say or how to say it but rather they just open up their mouth, speak and engage with action, Body languages and the most intriguing Facial Expression that will captivate the attention and interest of the Potential Client.

On the other hand, Non-Sales People only learn the process and keep building up their words and tactics

And over the Years they get better, so it’s more of an Art to them than a Talent.
So, if you fall into the Category of the Non-Sellers or the less of a marketing Dude or Lad and you which to transition out of sales career,

Then you would rather focus on Services Based Business Ideas like the ones below, this type of Businesses are more or less Sales-Independent and can work with little or no Sales at all.



Transition out of sales career with these Business Ideas


1. Haulage & Goods Transportation

haulage and delivery
haulage and delivery

Transition out of sales career to Haulage with either a broad aspect of the Haulage & goods Delivery Business or a subset of it by carving a smaller niche and launch.

In Haulage, you basically offer Businesses, Factories, Wholesalers, E-commerce Stores and Individuals the Service of transporting their goods from one location to the other.

Upcoming E-commerce Platforms and the ones operated by an Individual or a few persons will pay for your Haulage Service to get their Products Delivered to their Customers.

Factories will also require the Service of a Haulage Company to deliver their Finished Products or for the distribution of raw Materials and equipment from one warehouse to the other.

What about the delivery of small packages for Individuals and Household Goods? This too can offer a steady flow of Pay each day as Individuals will want to ship their goods from one location to the other.

To run such Business with Innovation and a state-of-the-art online Presence and maybe an App to aid your Clients management and Payment of your Services

You can use a ready-made Haulage ManagementPlatformm and App like the ones below, they don’t cost a fortune, with a few Bucks you are up and running.


2. Babysitting


Render a Babysitting Service in the Community to working Class Mums and Dads. Child Minding as known as babysitting also has its traits which is passion and love for Kids, either to be around them or love the way they flow.

Some mums are not Full-time housewives, most especially the Ambitious and working-class Mums, who tend to love their Career and dedicate more time to it, especially in Urban Cities and the Western World.

In cases like this, they will need someone to babysit or mind their kids for them for a couple of hours while they are away to tend to their works pending when they are back home to take it up from there.

This is exactly how you Transition out of sales career to be taking care of People’s kids while you are being paid a Cool Cash right there at the comfort of your Home.

You can turn your Apartment into a Babysitting Home, where you will have to get some artists to decorate your Rooms and parlors with beautiful kids drawing, colors and Paintings, then get some Kiddies bed, Toys, and Teddies.

Probably turn the living room into a playground with Toys and all the Playthings, while each room will be used to place the Babies to sleep after much play.


3. Event Planning & Management

event planning
event planning

Set up an Event Planning and Management Business and transition out of sales career.

Event occurs everywhere, every now and then, so Event Planning is another great business that you can run without the fear of selling.

Either as a Social or Corporate Event Planner, you will need to be this type of Person that knows how to Organize and Coordinate things.

What’s the Difference between a Corporate and a Social Event Planner?

It’s quite Simple when your Flare or the types of Events you Organize and Plan are Meetings, maybe a Company’s Annual Meeting, Luncheons, Seminars & Workshop, then you know you are a Corporate Event Planner

But when you tend to Organize Events like Birthday, Wedding, Parties, Social gatherings, get together Parties, End of the year parties, Fiestas, Festivals, Bridal Showers and Beach Concerts, then you are deemed a Social Event Planner

Most people tend to flow well in the two areas, be it Social event Planning or a Corporate one, they have the expertise and what it takes to deliver.


Who Earns more between a Social Event Planner and a Corporate Event Planner?

Corporate Event Planners will definitely earn more than Social Event Planners in the sense that they are dealing with Corporate Organization that will Pay well to have a good and well-organized Event

Though a Corporate Event Planner will have Jobs once in a While as opposed to their Social Event Planning counterparts who get Jobs every now and then,

Most especially on Weekends (Weddings), and every other Day when People are clocking +1 and needs someone to plan and Organize their small Birthday Party Event.

So, take good consideration of both and decide what will be the best bet for you.


4. Laundry & Dry cleaning

laundry business idea
laundry business idea

Launch your own Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Service and earn a living taking care of people’s fabrics.

Being that the Laundry and Dry-cleaning Business requires no Formal Selling Skills, you will do just fine in a transition out of sales career to a career without Sales like laundry.

This is a Business Idea that you can even start at the comfort of your Home, all you need is steady water flow, a pressing Board, a Pressing Iron, and some great Detergents.


5. Home & Office Cleaning

house cleaning
house cleaning

Commence your own Home & Office Cleaning Service as an avenue to Transition out of sales career.

Some people are Cleaners or good Organizers, once you walk into their Room, you see everything neatly arranged and everywhere so neat and dustless as if a Vacuum cleans the place 24/7.

This is all you need to move out of your Sales Career and start rendering Cleaning Services to Individuals, Households and Companies alike.

Some People do not have the Luxury of time to clean their Homes the way it ought to be, don’t feel bad for them, it’s okay and an Avenue for you to earn some decent Income offering a Cleaning Business to them.

Some Companies prefer outsourcing Cleaning Services to people rather than Employing direct staff for the cleaning of their Business premises.

As a matter of fact, and as a point of reference, some Banks do not employ Cleaners but deploy the Services of one Cleaning Company or the other.


6. Business Coach

business coaching
business coaching

Coaching People on Business is another great avenue of Transition out of sales career to a new Career that does not necessarily require you to Sell to anyone.

You see, the Truth is that lots of people want to actually start a Business but do not know what to do and how to go about things and most times they end up losing lots of Money out of Ignorance.

These are your precise target audience, from your Business Experience and Expertise, you can set up a Business Coaching Service and charge Individuals and Companies alike to coach their Staffs.

You could offer different Packages and set a cost for it plus what will be included in the Coaching Session for each package.

If you have what it takes to do this, then put all you need together and Organize your first Coaching Session and Earn.


Number 7 continues in the Post below:

…Careers to pursue when leaving sales career


Summary: transition out of sales career

We have made an Avenue through 12 Business Ideas for those who want a transition out of sales career

We are hoping that these Business ideas will help you in your bit to switch from Sales to something more fulfilling and less stressful than Sales

To be able to pick the right Business Idea, you must, first of all, go through each and every one of them, understanding the workings and dynamics and then factor in your current Skills and Passion,

that way you will be able to make the right choice at the end of the day.

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