So many questions cross the minds of people one of which is “what do business analyst do?”. One might want to know who a business analyst is in other to be able to give answers to the above question.

A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain and also documents its business process or systems by assessing the business model and its integration with technology.

When it comes to Information Technology  Jobs you can be quite sure of a distinct Job narration which would give a clearer picture of what the Information Job entails.

In an Information Technology career research firm in New Canaan, Connecticut, the president of the Foote Partners LLC, David Foote, gives what we can term the best explanation when it comes to the business occupational trail.

He said that there are occupational trails that move in the north, south, east and west direction between Information Technology and Business.

An individual may startup as a business analyst, then proceeds to a project management job, before we say ‘Jack Robinson’ he is in the Information Technology management trail.

Such a person, can still go back to innovation trail, proceeds further to process management, then takes a ladder journey to process leadership or process ownership.

While you are beginning to know him for that, they have been a movement to the Information Technology business line as a manager in the management unit.



A business analyst in our recent day


In this our modern and developed world of today, the area the business analyst covers is versatile.

As a negotiator, administrator, linker, and emissary, using the Information Technology resources available, the business demands,  should be able to be coupled successfully by the business analyst.

For one to a successful height in business analysis, such a person must be an effortless promoter, accurate analyzer, conspicuous communicators with group members.

In addition, the perfect analyst has multifarious business tasks, ranging from technology, engineering, operations, etc.

The business analyst could also help in bridging the gap that exists in business systems, from the final consumer to the effective execution of professional resolves, as being explained by Jay Michael, a business analyst from Colfax.









What do business analyst do?

Going through the introductory part of this article intensively, I believe the question, “what do business analyst do?”, should have been handled a little.

But below are some listed points that that will give the vivid answers to your question.


1. Intermediates.

They are the intermediary that helps closes up space, by linking all units throughout the entire development process.

Analyst in our recent days have pointed out the various attributes that makes them part of  a successful business analyst, they are:


2. Analyzer.

The analysts closely work with the business to point out the possible openings for the advancement in the operational processes in the business.


3. Transformation agent.

The analysts are concerned in the draft or transformation of the Information Technology systems or the business systems as a whole. They could change the face of your business entirely and make it gain its required recognition.


4. Identification of problems.

The analysts identify the problems and want of the stakeholders and the essential proficient by affiliating with them. By affiliation here, the room to detect the various challenges and problems faced by each company is achieved.

By this, a business wants and necessities, documents are being analyzed and put together by the business analyst, which helps to solve the problem that has been detected.


5. Solutions to problems.

The business analyst gives answers to business issues and as required, drafts professional solutions to them. The business analyst keeps records of the operative and likewise the professional drafts that the system needs.

The analyst affiliation with the developers and the artificers helps in running the system to ensure that the system is well put into effect.


6. Testing.

The analyst may also help in the testing of the system so as to generate proper recording and user guidebook.  The testing helps the analyst know the parts and units of the system that is running well and the ones that needs correction.




Starting your occupation as a business analyst.

I most times tell people not to venture into things that they don’t have adequate knowledge and skills about.

So therefore as someone starting up as a business analyst, the need for a substantial business experience or a wide Information Technology knowledge.

With this basic and important information, you can start your job as a business analyst with obligations that include: analyzing, collation, interacting and recording requisites and lots more.

If you pick up down payment level jobs like a developer, industry/domain specialists, etc.

Then, you are quite sure of smiling your way to being a specialized professional.

At this point, it is advisable to shift into areas of paramount interest and work perfectly in those by acquiring related and important skills that would be needed for you to find your way all up to the position in the managerial section.


Your way to the peak

That point where the analyst attains the height where he/she plays a vital and a leading role in the managerial positions is achievable from several years of dedicated service good experiences gathered within these years.

Within three to five years or more a business analyst might be promoted in the bigger roles like an Information Technology business analyst.

Also, the height of a manager in the production department or as a leading business analyst which could be a very great accomplishment can also be attained.

Since one does not stop learning until the day we leave this earth, so the more we keep acquiring more knowledge and experience.

The more we attain greater heights and positions as a business analyst where we will be assigned with more technical and difficult tasks to give to find solutions and answers to.

As a business analyst, you can attain any height that you choose to so far you keep gathering relevant skills, experience and years of experience.

With much and great hard work, you could even attain the position of a chief technologist and even a consultant officer.


How much do business analyst make?

The business analyst occupational trail is so diversified, so depending on which area interests you, you’re sure to gain a lot from a great satisfactory and productive occupation.

Some of the average mouth watery salaries put together by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics shows you how gainful this area can be.



Certification: Your quickest path to a higher salary and increased chances.


A business analyst who wishes to grow in specialization skills and to further enlarge their occupational choices must try and acquire authentications or endorsements from companies or industries that are well known and recognized.

The present leader in the awarding of a certificate to an analyst in the area of business analysis certification as at the time of my writing is the (IIBA) International Institute of Business Analysis.

This body offers the prestigious Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), and also an endorsement followed by the candidate who showed well successful and specialized skills in the business analysis.

The CBAP certificate can only be awarded to candidates with good years of working experience and also perform excellently in the Certified Business Analysis Professional examination.



Enlarge your scope of knowledge and skills in business analyst and add worth to your business expertise.


There is a 100% online certification in Business Analysis that one can acquire from the Villanova University that will enable adequate preparation for the Certified Business Analysis Professional.

In addition, you will be able to secure some censorious skills and knowledge that will be needed for the examination that would be needed its certification.

If you can achieve more relevant skills that will help boost your CV with a detailed list of these various certifications that will show how occupationally updated you are as a business analyst.

The skills and knowledge you will acquire in the course of your online study at Villanova University are:

1. It teaches the candidates how to begin and engage in project drafts and the lists for prerequisites.

2.  Due to the fact that good communication skill is really needed as one of the characters of a business analyst,                 therefore to help in the improvement of the flow of good and tangible information.

3. Generate high methods for putting together, recording and go through it over and over again from time to time.

4. Take thorough research on improved meaning for data.

5. Getting a good knowledge which helps you comprehend ways for handling the changes in prerequisites and the pressure it poses on the product quality and inspecting.

There is a lot of information you find out about Business Analysis at the Villanova University Certification that will interest you as a Business Analyst.


Interview preparations as a business analyst.

It does not matter who is preparing, the Business analyst questions and answers guidelines help both the interviewer and the interviewee when about starting or climbing the ladder up the right path to becoming a successful business analyst. Some of these questions are:

QNS: Knowing that you have to affiliate with people of all types who occupy various positions in the company you are working with. As a business analyst, how would you handle the difficult ones?

ANS: Building a character that helps you find your way through Individual characteristics with different disposition, nature, Temperament, who as a business analyst are occupying different Posts.

Then you really need to acquire skills in problem-solving, Good communication which is not in lack of good feedback system, and the ability to find your way through situations that seem to be very hard.


QNS: Business analysis is termed in use. Are you accustomed with this query acronym SQL?

ANS: Having advanced specialized skills is not really essential, nevertheless, acquiring the SQL skills that is related to the database device.

So the familiarity between the SQL and database devices is being tested here, and also a good knowledge and understanding of the SQL term.

Here, the various skills below are really needed, there are: Specialized skills, Comprehending  SQL  records, improved analytical abilities.





By now, you have understood what business analyst do and how the profession works.

Working as a Business Analyst could be very lucrative and enjoyable because it makes you meet people of different personalities in the Business sector.

And being that the Business sector is quite a large one, then you are so sure of frequently getting clients and bigger offers Frequently.

And for you out there thinking which of the analytical jobs will give you a fulfilled career, the Business Analysis is the right trail to follow.

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